RHC ETIP Technology Panels, what are they up to these days?

RHC ETIP's Technology Panels (TPs) are a pool of experts in charge of providing specific technology input to the strategic documents produced by the Horizontal Working Groups and to the activities of the European Technology and Innovation Platform on Renewable Heating and Cooling. You will find below an update on each TP activities.

Solar Thermal Technology Panel

The European Solar Thermal Technology Panel (ESTTP) is currently implementing the work related to its priorities. The panel was quite active in the context of Horizon Europe on the Clean Energy Transition Partnership (CETP) and the input paper that was developed on solar thermal will serve as a basis for the upcoming TP SRIA. In 2021 the panel will also take on the presidency of the RHC-ETIP, and after contributing proactively to the SRIA, it now looks at the next strategic documents that will be developed next year.

Biomass Technology Panel

The biomass TP experts have finalised the research and innovation priorities document which soon will take its final form. This document describes the research and innovation priorities in the biomass sector which are expected to be supported by the European Commission in the new Horizon Europe funding program. Shortly after the approval, the document will be available online on the RHC ETP website.

Geothermal Technology Panel

The Geothermal Technology Panel has released its 2020 Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) on geothermal heating and cooling (H&C) technologies. The 2020 SRIA constitutes an update of the previous Geothermal Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) and intends to define the new research topics to answer the current and future challenges of the energy sector in Europe, and to bring them into a quantifiable timescale and dimension in terms of required funding. The document can be accessed here

In September 2020, a webinar has been organised in order to present the main findings of the 2020 SRIA on geothermal heating and cooling. The discussions in this webinar addressed the topics focused on funding opportunities, presentation of the ‘Technologies’, ‘System Integration’ and ‘Non-technical topics’ chapters of the SRIA. The recording of this webinar can be accessed here

The next activities of the Geothermal Technology Panel will focus on the implementation of its 2020 SRIA on geothermal heating and cooling with matchmaking events and monitoring project results.

Heat Pump Technology Panel

Recently, the HP TP concluded its 6th meeting, with 5 of these meetings being combined with the EHPA Research and Innovation (R&I) Committee, that brings in the expertise of relevant stakeholders all along the value chain of HP research, production and deployment. In August 2020, the Heat Pump Technology Panel chose Padraic O’Reilly as new Chair, taking over from Dave Pearson.The next meeting is schedualed to take place on the 2nd of March 2021 focusing on the HP SRIA, new advances in digitalization, along with inputs resulting from the EHPA Strategy meeting, which set out new R&I priorities.

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