District Heating & Cooling & Thermal Storage

The District Heating and Cooling and Thermal Energy Storage Technology Panel of the RHC-Platform was launched in July 2018 and it is managed by the Euroheat & Power.

District Heating and Cooling increases the overall efficiency of the energy system by recycling heat losses from a variety of energy conversion processes. Heat which otherwise would be unutilised is recovered and used to meet thermal demands in buildings and industries. Renewable sources which otherwise would be difficult to use, such as many forms of biomass and geothermal energy, can also be exploited. By aggregating a large number of small and variable heating and cooling demands, District Heating and District Cooling allow energy flows from multiple RES to be combined while reducing primary energy demand and carbon emissions in the community served.

Thermal energy storage is the solution for a key bottleneck against the widespread and integrated use of RES, since the renewable supply does not always coincide with the demand for heating or cooling. Numerous technologies in sensible, latent or thermochemical form can time-shift renewable energy supply to periods of greatest demand, each of them characterised by different specifications and specific advantages.