The Secretariat of the European Technology and Innovation Platform on Renewable Heating and Cooling is coordinated by EUREC.

For general questions, please contact us

For questions related to the Horizontal Working Groups and the Technology Panels, you will find the contact persons below:

Horizontal Working Groups

Andrej Mišech
Andrej Mišech EUREC
Anna Spoden
Anna Spoden EUREC
Céline Suchet
Céline Suchet EUREC

The Solar Thermal Technology Panel

Pedro Dias
Pedro Dias Solar Heat Europe
Leopoldo Micò
Leopoldo Micò Solar Heat Europe
Saverio Papa
Saverio Papa Solar Heat Europe

The Biomass Technology Panel

Dominik Rutz
Dominik Rutz WIP
Olgu Birgi
Olgu Birgi WIP

The Geothermal Technology Panel

Philippe Dumas
Philippe Dumas EGEC

The Heat Pump Technology Panel

Dan Stefanica
Dan Stefanica EHPA
Elisabetta Tillier
Elisabetta Tillier EHPA

The District Heating and Cooling and Thermal Energy Storage Technology Panel

Laura Junasová
Laura Junasová Euroheat & Power
Gabriele Pesce
Gabriele Pesce Euroheat & Power