The Biomass Technology Panel of the RHC-Platform brings together industrial and R&D stakeholders of the biomass sector, to define a common strategy to increase the use of biomass based heating and cooling in Europe in 2020 and beyond. The Panel was launched on 15 April 2009 and is managed by WIP Renewable Energies

For the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) document), the biomass panel contributed to all Horiztonal Working Groups of ETIP RHC to present a state of the art and R&I priorities of biomass technologies for renewable heating and cooling across all sectors addressed. This document shows the many forms of feedstock and conversion technologies that can be used to provide renewable heating from biomass. This attests the large potential of bioenergy for the heat decarbonisation from household sector, to commercial (mid-scale) but also to industrial sector.

The panel has also composed a document that proposes to the European Commission Research & Innovation in the field of biomass. The next step of the panel is to ensure that a Deployment and Implementation Survey will feature the potential of biomass technologies. The survey will unveil the capability of biomass technologies to enable fast decarbonisation and synergies across all sectors.