Solar Thermal


About the ESTTP

The European Solar Thermal Technology Platform (ESTTP) was launched on 21 June 2005, at the 2nd European Solar Thermal Energy Conference (ESTESC 2005). This represents an important milestone in the evolution of solar thermal technology.

The panel brings together representatives of companies, associations and research institutes involved in the solar thermal sector and is managed by the solar thermal association in Brussels, Solar Heat Europe.

Past achievements

During the years the ESTTP has been one of the key pillars of the platform, working on Strategic Research Agenda for its 2030 Vision, its Strategic Research Priorities and a Roadmap for 2020. In 2019 the ESTTP performed a SWOT analysis to identify strengths and weaknesses of the sector and developed its own chapter for the RHC 2050 Vision. The ESTTP is also working on its contribution to the RHC Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda, which is currently under development in the horizontal working groups of the RHC.

And current challenges

The ESTTP is also working to revise its priorities and developing an action plan to list concrete initiative to be taken at Member States and European level. The promotion of Solar Thermal and Renewable H&C solutions at EU level is the most relevant of the priorities identified. Other key points under discussion are the lack of public operational data and the topic of financing and innovative business models. Emerging segments within the Solar Thermal debate are the ones regarding large scale installations, and how to involve district and businesses in the energy transition.

Chairman: Marco Calderoni (R2M Solutions) 2021 president of the RHC-ETIP

Vice-chairmen: Werner Weiss (AEE Intec), Guglielmo Cioni (TVP Solar)