RHC-ETIP & the European Union General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR

Collection of personal data & uses

RHC-ETIP will use the personal data collected from you for the following purposes:

  • Newsletter: To send you the RHC ETIP newsletter in case you registered via the form. You may unsubscribe at any time via the ‘unsubscribe’ link included in every e-mailing campaign. You can also unsubscribe by contacting us at info(at)rhc-platform.org
  • Membership: RHC ETIP will send you official communications, news and information about RHC-ETIP activities and calls for action, if you are an RHC ETIP Member. RHC-ETIP members have access to the members directory. Becoming a member of the RHC ETIP is on a volundary basis and free of charge. You can withdraw from the RHC ETIP at any time by contacting us at info(at)rhc-platform.org
  • Cookies: we use cookies for internal research and statistical analysis related to monitoring or improving the materials and the website.

When you register for the RHC ETIP newsletter, RHC ETIP membership and confirm the use of cookies and use the website you are consenting to RHC-ETIP’s use of your personal data for the aforementioned purposes(s) and are granting RHC-ETIP permission to carry out those actions and/activities.

RHC ETIP Communications are led by the Association of European Renewable Energy Research Centres –  EUREC

EU General Data Protection Regulation officer: EUREC Secretary General, Greg Arrowsmith, info@eure.be

RHC-ETIP is committed to respect your personal data

RHC-ETIP is committed to ensuring that all personal information collected and processed is appropriate for the stated purpose(s) and shall not constitute an invasion of your privacy. We will not share your personal data with third parties for marketing purposes. We may only share your personal data with third party service providers who are contracted by us and we shall ensure that they will hold your personal data securely and shall use it only in order to fulfill the service for which they are contracted (such as RHC-ETIP website maintenance etc). When there is no longer a service need, or the contract comes to an end, the third party will dispose of all personal data according to our procedures. We will never share your personal data with third parties until we have received your consent, unless we are required do so by law.

RHC-ETIP will process your data (i.e. collect, store and use) according to the requirements of the GDPR at all times and shall endeavor to keep your personal data up-to-date, ensuring its accuracy and will not keep it for longer than it is required. In some situations, there are set legal requirements for the length of time that RHC-ETIP will retain your personal data but usually RHC-ETIP will use its discretion, ensuring that personal data is not kept outside of our usual business requirements.

We shall never be intrusive or invasive of your personal privacy and shall not ask you to provide data that is irrelevant or unnecessary and we will enact strict measures and processes to ensure that the risk of unauthorized access or disclosure of your personal data is minimized as much as possible.