The geothermal panel of the RHC-Platform has been launched on 15 April 2009. It is composed today by ca 300 geothermal experts from the industry and the research sector. The secretariat of the panel is managed by the European Geothermal Energy Council – EGEC.

The establishment of a geothermal panel is a very important step to help accelerate the development of geothermal technology so that it can quickly become a significant energy resource in Europe.

The panel aims at formulating a vision 2030 for the geothermal heating and cooling sector, presenting the contribution of the geothermal sector towards a 100 % Renewable heating and cooling scenario in Europe.

The Geothermal Panel intends also to elaborate a detailed research strategy to reach ambitious objectives notably for costs reduction.

The Geothermal Technology Panel is composed of three following Focus Groups.

Focus Group 1: Shallow geothermal heat pump systems

WG 1a: Underground

WG 1b: System installation components

WG 1c: Integrated system design

WG 1d: Exploitation, LCA, sustainability

Focus Group 2: Deep geothermal

WG 2a: Resource assessment

WG 2b: Deep drilling

WG 2c: Production technologies

WG 2d: Surface systems

WG 2e: EGS

Focus Group 3: Non technical issues

WG 3a: Economy and Finance

WG 3b: Policy and Regulations

WG 3c: Education and Training