The Board of the European Technology and Innovation Platform on Renewable Heating and Cooling is composed of the President + 15 Members.

The primary aim of the Board is to provide guidance to the activities of the Secretariat of the RHC-ETIP and of its Technology Panels, ensuring that the RHC-ETIP’s other bodies and working groups effectively pursue the ultimate mission of the RHC-ETIP: defining the overall Common Vision; setting up the shared Strategic Research Agenda (SRA); and establishing and implement a Roadmap for the large scale development and deployment of renewable heating and cooling systems.


Dave Pearson
Dave Pearson Star Renewable Energy (UK) Chair of the RHC-ETIP and Chair of the Heat Pumps TP
Marco Calderoni
Marco Calderoni R2M Solutions (IT) Chair of the Solar Thermal TP
Dominik Rutz
Dominik Rutz WIP Renewable Energies (DE) Chair of the Biomass TP
Guglielmo Cioni
Guglielmo Cioni Replacement of the Solar Thermal TP TVP Solar
Werner Weiss
Werner Weiss AEE Intec (AT)
Walter Haslinger
Walter Haslinger BIOenergy2020+ (DE)
Javier Urchueguia
Javier Urchueguia UPV (ES) Chair of the Geothermal TP
Luc Pockelé
Luc Pockelé RED srl (IT)
Ralf-Roman Schmidt
Ralf-Roman Schmidt AIT (AT) Chair of the District Heating and Cooling and Thermal Energy Storage TP
Liisa Fransson
Liisa Fransson RISE (SE)
Wim van Helden
Wim van Helden AEE Intec (AT)
Michael Monsberger
Michael Monsberger TU Graz (AT)
Hatef Madani
Hatef Madani KTH (SE) Replacement of the Heat Pumps TP
Oyvind Skreiberg
Oyvind Skreiberg SINTEF (NO) Chair of the Horizontal Working Group on buildings
Christoph Brunner
Christoph Brunner AEE Intec (AT) Chair of the Horizontal Working Group on industry
Gerhard Stryi-Hipp
Gerhard Stryi-Hipp Fraunhofer-ISE (DE) Chair of the Horizontal Working Group on cities