Solar Heat for Industrial Process towards Food and Agro Industries commitment in Renewables

Solutions developed

SHIP2FAIR aims to foster the integration of solar heat in industrial processes (SHIP) from the agro–food sector, by developing and demonstrating a set of tools and methods for the development of industrial solar heat projects during its whole life-cycle.

Main results

The project results will consist in a (1) Replication tool for easily assessing the techno-economic feasibility of a SHIP project and supporting its design; (2) a Control tool understand as a DSS to support the operation of the complete process, (3) a comprehensive guide for supporting stakeholders in the design, commissioning and operation of their SHIP projects, and (4) a complete capacity building program, addressing both professionals and students interested in SHIP applications in the agro-food sector.
These results will be demonstrated and validated at 4 demo-sites, including representative use cases of the agro-food sector like spirits distillation (Martini & Rossi), ham drying (ABC Industries), sugar boiling (RAR Group) and wine fermentation and stabilization (RODA Wineries). As a results of this demonstration, SHIP2FAIR, aims to achieve up to a 40% of solar fraction with a total of 2.9 kW of installed power for producing 4.04 GWh and allowing 403 m3 of fossil fuels and 1,145 TeqCO2 per year.