Renewable Energy based seasonal Storage Technology in Order to Raise Economic and environmental sustainability of DHC

Solutions developed

RESTORE proposes a radically innovative solution for District Heating & Cooling DHC, based on the combination of two key innovative technologies - a thermochemical energy storage (TCES) combined with - a reversible Organic Rankine Cycle (rORC) This approach allows integrating a wide variety of renewable technologies and waste excess heat combined with competitive seasonal storage in DHC networks, allowing them to be 100% renewable to radically improve their environmental sustainability.

Main results

- Development of a cost-effective thermochemical storage system for daily and seasonal energy storage with high energy density - Development of a flexible solution based on a heat pump and a Organic Rankine Cycle which allows a high integration of renewable energy sources and waste excess heat in District Heating and Cooling - Validation of the RESTORE overall concept via lab-scale and prototypes-based testing. This includes TCES reactors at scales of 1-2 kWth and 30-50 kWth, the validation of the rORC process under variable condition and the validation of the overall system at TRL 4. - Demonstration of the RESTORE potential via virtual representation in a web-based platform with 6 different real sites as demonstration Use-Cases - Maximization of the environmental sustainability and social acceptance using RESTORE innovative technology.