MultidiSciplinary and MultIscale approach for coupLed processes induced by geo-Energies

Solutions developed

Will enable new solutions for the successful deployment of subsurface low-carbon energy sources while protecting groundwater and related ecosystems. The project will involve training researchers in the experimental, mathematical and numerical modelling of coupled processes, upscaling techniques and ground deformation monitoring using field data from highly instrumented pilot tests and industrial sites. The goal is to train competitive researchers with both technical-scientific and transferable skills.

Main results

Geo-energies, such as geothermal energy, CO2 storage and underground energy storage, have a great potential to contribute to meet the Paris Agreement targets on climate change. Yet, their deployment has been hindered by a lack of a full understanding of the processes that are induced in the subsurface by large-scale fluid injection/extraction. The various processes involved (e.g. fluid flow, geomechanical, geochemical and thermal effects) imply complex interactions that cannot be predicted without considering the dominant coupled processes, which is rarely done.