Industrial Cooling through Hybrid system based on Solar Heat

Solutions developed

The two main features of HyCool System are Flexibility and Efficiency an they will allow different strategies for a technically and economically viable system. During Capital Expeditures phase simplicity will be aimed pursuing easiness in design configuration optimization, modular construction and ITS for commissioning. During Operational Expenditures the optimum balance between the HyCool System Operational Flexibility and Efficiency will be targeted to maximize HyCool cost effectiveness to each individual case. Following this, the pilots proposed will demonstrate both opposed strategies in two selected key leading industry sectors:

Main results

Food Case Pilot targets specialized small Food industries in high solar irradiation areas with cooling needs in their processes. Here narrow configurations are aimed to optimize Efficiency, so a simple system will be selected to obtain maximum outputs based on the conditions of use. Chemical Case Pilot target industries with several processes in high solar irradiation areas with steam and cooling needs. Here a more complex configuration is aimed to optimize Operational Flexibility, so a more complex system will be implemented, able to be switched among different options based on weather, season and production schedule.
Finally, special consideration will be taken in building trust during HyCool communication and results dissemination during the project.