Consumers Leading the EU’s Energy Ambition Response, Expansion

Solutions developed

The CLEAR-X project will engage 38,000 consumers in collective purchase campaigns in 6 target countries and will trigger over 27M EUR in installations of RES technologies. The project is expected to result in an additional 40 GWh of renewable energy production and trigger 2.15 GWh of primary energy savings within the project duration. Furthermore, the project will help inform a significant number of consumers in the target countries about potential benefits of EE and RES technologies and influence an additional 17,000 consumers to act and save energy.

Building on CLEAR (Intelligent Energy Europe) and CLEAR 2.0 (Horizon 2020), CLEAR-X will expand the proven collective purchase model, by engaging and supporting consumer organisations in Eastern and Southern Europe to launch schemes for their national consumers. Consumer organisations participating in CLEAR 2.0 developed considerable expertise in setting up and running collective purchase schemes and CLEAR-X will draw on this experience, both human and technological, to equip consumer organisations in the target countries with the necessary skills to run collective purchases.

Main results

Consumers hold the key to the EU's energy transition, making efforts to increase consumer buy-in more important than ever. CLEAR-X project’s overall objective is to help consumers reduce their energy bills by improving the energy performance and comfort of their homes through the investment in renewable energy and sustainable energy (RES), as well as energy-efficient technologies. The project will engage 38 000 consumers in collective purchase campaigns in six target countries, giving them access to lab-tested products, a selected installer, and a trusted third-party contact point throughout their purchase journey. By enabling consumers to adapt their energy consumption behaviour, the project will trigger over 27 million EUR of investments in RES technologies.