An innovative solar-powered cooling device, based on climate-friendly refrigerant and thermal energy storage

Solutions developed

The COOLSPACES 4 LIFE project aims to demonstrate the use of renewable energy in the cooling systems of public buildings and the application of low GPW refrigerant mixtures. It will install a prototype comprises the following subsystems: a newly designed CFR-based cooling subsystem driven by PV panels; short-term cold energy storage subsystem using phase change materials; cooling and domestic hot water subsystems.

Main results

Reduction of CO2 emissions by 41.06 tonnes/year;
Reduction of SOx emissions by 0.0365 tonnes/year;
Reduction of NOx emissions by 0.0338 tonnes/year;
Reduction of dust emissions and 0.002 tons/year;
Reduction of primary energy consumption by at least 60% compared to a conventional building cooling system; and
Increased use of an climate-friendly refrigerant.