Marco Calderoni elected as new Chair of the RHC-ETIP

Marco Calderoni elected as New Chair of the RHC-ETIP

The mandate of the new president of the European Technology and Innovation Platform on Renewable Heating and Cooling started on the 1st January 2021 and will run until the end of the year

Graduated in 2003 in Mechanical Engineering with expertise in energy at Politecnico di Milano, Marco Calderoni has been working as a researcher ever since 2003. He has always been committed to the sector of renewable energies, in particular thermal renewables. Since 2012 he has also been involved in district heating, as an ideal energy vector for the collection of locally available renewable sources. He has also enlarged his knowledge with projects related to heat pumps, both electricity and heat-driven. Currently he works as Senior Project Manager at Research to Market Solution, and he is also Chairman of the Solar thermal Technology Panel of the RHC-ETIP.

During his first meeting as Chairman of the RHC-ETIP, Marco Calderoni highlighted the potential positive impact of new alliances formed in 2020, such as the one with ETIP SNET and the Clean Energy Transition Partnership:

“I am proud of leading RHC-ETIP in 2021. Our technology platform is big and diversified, the challenge, therefore, is to make a synthesis of the needs of Technology Panels and Horizontal Working Groups. So far, we have achieved very good results in this sense. The recent cooperation activities with other Technology Platforms and policy-oriented associations bring this synthesis effort to a higher level and I believe if we succeed, we will ensure RES heating and cooling technologies have the role those deserve in the future European energy system”.

Marco Calderoni takes over from Javier Urchueguía, RHC-ETIP Chairman in 2020. As key takeaways from his presidency period, Dr.Urchueguía pointed out the influential role of the RHC-ETIP to tip the balance of the budgetary distribution towards renewable heating and cooling.

RHC-ETIP’s publications

The RHC-ETIP has been instrumental in raising the profile of the renewable heating and cooling sector by publishing a set of common documents, which have defined the sector’s strategic research directions, and projects’ ideas to be implemented to increase the share of renewable energy in the heating and cooling sector.

The latest publication of the platform, the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda for Climate-neutral Heating and Cooling in Europe (RHC ETIP’s SRIA) was released in 2020. In 2021, the RHC-ETIP is working on new collective work: the Deployment and Implementation Study for the RHC sector, which will be published by the end of the year and presented during the platform’s annual conference, 100% Renewable Heating and Cooling for a Sustainable Future.

RHC-ETIP’s projects database

In 2019, the RHC-ETIP launched an online database with projects on renewable heating and cooling. Since 2021, users can submit their projects and join the Renewable Heating and Cooling Community, composed today by more than 120 projects.

Get involved

The RHC-ETIP represents stakeholders from the biomass, geothermal, solar thermal sectors, heat pumps, district heating and cooling, thermal storage and hybrid systems. It is, therefore, a unique ETIP covering all the renewable heating and cooling technologies. We accept inputs from all sectors and any parties interested in contributing to any of the Horizontal Working Groups. Read more on how to become a stakeholder or how to become a member. You can also contact us via  or through the RHC ETIP’s Twitter account.

Press contact : Lourdes Laín Caviedes