SENERGY NETS 1st technical workshop

28 September 2023 - 28 September 2023 Online & Milan (Italy)
In this workshop the SENERGY NETS partners will present and discuss the requirements and parameters for achieving decarbonisation of the energy sector by modifying the heating and cooling demand, flexibility of the electricity system through optimisation of the DHC system and providing flexibility to DSOs.

The parameters comprise the so-called ‘use cases’ which are composed of a technical part representing the technologies combined to decarbonise the heat and power sectors. Each use case includes sector coupling technologies, less or more optimised.

The workshop participants will be asked to provide feedback on these use cases in order to be improved before being used for testing the SENERGY NETS tools.

FEDECOM project, which belongs to the same Horizon Programme topic, will partake in the session and share insights.

The agenda and registration link are available here.