Online Heat Pump Innovation Center

26 September 2022 - 30 September 2022 Online

EHPA will participate at the EUSEW 2022 with the "Heat Pump Innovation Center" online booth.

The Heat Pump Innovation Center aims to be a reference point for the EUSEW attendees in which they can benefit from a complete overview of the possible applications of heat pumps in different sectors and types, and in multi-combination with other RES technology.

EHPA will disseminate and showcase what has been possible to prove via EU-funded projects. To do this, EHPA will show the solutions developed by four successful Horizon2020 projects: SuperHomes, REWARDHeat, SunHorizon, and HP4All. These projects include several solutions to decarbonize the residential and industrial sectors with a combination of heat pumps, solar thermal, PV, thermal storage, and smart management systems. Even if the projects’ applications are different (residential, industrial, tertiary buildings) they have mutual goals: stressing the necessity to switch from fossil fuels towards RES, increasing H&C performances and users' comfort, and cutting CO2 emissions and costs.

More information on EUSEW here.