Cheaper than electrification: how solar heat will replace oil and gas in the EU industrial sector

09 March 2021 - 09 March 2021 ONLINE · 10h - 11h15 CET

The online workshop will address the status of solar heat for industrial process (SHIP) applications in southern Europe. It will present a case study from Greece and discuss new innovative business models (ESCOs). SHIP is already a reality in Central and Northern Europe but is still largely unexplored in Southern member states hence, the discussion will address some key questions in this context.


Bärbel Epp, Solrico, Moderator

Christoph Brunner, AEE Intec, SHIP state of the art/HWG industries vision

Caroline Thiaville, New Heat, Innovative business models (ESCO and third-party financing)

Michael Taylor, IRENA, SHIP costs assessment

Briss Taipe, Absolicon, Case study for SHIP in Greece

Guglielmo Cioni, TVP Solar, Martini & Rossi case study, developed under SHIP2FAIR project - Solar Heat for Industrial Process towards Food and Agro Industries commitment in Renewables.