Water Horizon Renewable Energy Solution

Solutions developed

WH's project aims to perform a commercial demonstration of its Mobile Thermal Battery. WH will recover waste heat from an incinerator (in Toulouse), and will bring this stored energy to a sport complex 20 kilometres away to heat a swimming pool and cool an ice-rink. WH thermal battery will substitute a gas boiler and a heat pump to deliver renewable heat and cold.

Main results

The objective of this demonstration is to prove the technical and economic viability of WH technology as well as the relevance of the thermal recovery model with the GHG emission avoidance potential in substituting a gas boiler and a heat pump.
To meet this goal, WH need to scale-up its technology from a 10kW prototype to a 1MW demonstrator (industrial full-scale thermal battery). WH is now ready to scale-up its technology with a dedicated team and strategic partners. Furthermore, the necessary actors involved have already expressed their intents and support for the project.
Water Horizon applications and its objectives in the renewable heating and cooling fits perfectly with the Small Scale Project programme expectations. WH offers to large energy consumers, a unique renewable supply of hot or cold energy, enabling to reconcile industry and the environment without any additional cost.