Thermal demand and supply as flexible elements of future sustainable energy systems

Solutions developed

<p>A broad range of system solutions and individual technologies were identified to increase flexibility and decarbonise DH systems. The developed individual technologies covers the integration of i) compression and absorption heat pumps for better low -exergy/waste heat utilisation, ii) of compact and decentral sorption storage and iii) of alternative heat supply concepts for buildings. Besides of individual technology solutions also system solutions were investigated and suitable concepts were identified. The developed system solutions focussed on the integration of multiple previously separated DH systems in one main DH system as well as the integration of different infrastructures as energy consumer, supplier and producer in DH systems. Moreover, the development of i) smart control strategies and unit commitment procedures, ii) large-scale solar thermal supply systems with combined storage, iii) a Virtual Heating Plant approach and iv) low-temperature system solutions was included.</p>

Main results

<p>ThermaFLEX enables scientific, technical and organisational support throughout the entire process during the whole innovation and implementation process covers the idea &amp; concept development via planning and implementation to commissioning, start-up &amp; operation as well as monitoring with evaluation and optimisation. The involved demonstrators therefore provide the basis for developing, implementing and optimizing innovative concepts and technical solutions in the real environment of the respective DH system. This will lead to highly efficient and effective demonstrators and consequently to more sustainable roll-out projects and best-practice measures with high scalability and transferability.</p>