The Smart Building Networks

Solutions developed

The wide range of electric utility applications, such as wind capacity firming or congestion relief, that will be possible as a result of this coordinated control will in turn allow a significant increase in the percentage of European power generated from destabilizing renewable sources. Technologically, BuildNet will be built around optimization-based or model predictive control (MPC), a paradigm that is ideally suited to the task of incorporating the current network state and forward-looking information into an optimal decision-making process. The project team will develop novel distributed MPC controllers that utilize the flexibility in the consumption, storage and generation of a distributed network of buildings by exploiting the extensive experience of the PI in optimization-based control and MPC for energy efficient buildings.

Main results

Because of its theoretically grounded optimization-based control approach, holistic view of building systems and connected networks, as well as a future-looking technological scope, BuildNet's outputs will deliver impact and be relevant to researchers and practitioners alike.