Sustainable Energy Infrastructure for Greenport Venlo

Solutions developed

Closing the chain of energy demand needs clustering of a wide variety of businesses. Developing such an area wide energy infrastructure based on renewables requires a long term focus and the opportunity of attracting long term finance. This is provided by the participation of the local and provincial public authorities. In the project technical engineering will be done and with suppliers of residual heat and biogas on the one side and contracts will be signed with clients on the other side. The investments are in generation and distribution of heat and cold. During the proposed action the investments will be prepared, leading to financial closing and signing of contracts.

Main results

Contracts signed or call for tenders launched for Renewable energy supply technologies and district heating and cooling networks at Greenport velo;
Efficient communication and dissemination on other projects by means of the information centre and presentations to local authorities (provinces and municipalities) and consultants in the Netherlands and other EU-member states, informing them about the project;
Energy savings of 87,500 MWh/year : increase in RES-supply (163,837 MWh/year); CO2-reduction (150,802 tonnes/year); investment during the action (€54,634,857); significant increase in overall sustainability through the operationalization of the cradle-to-cradle philosophy.