Solar Thermal in Major Renovations and Protected Urban Areas

Solutions developed

Renovations, especially of large buildings, are complicated from several points of view.Supporting the implementation of Article 13 of the RES directive the goal of the project was to enhance the integration of Solar Thermal (ST) systems especially in "demanding situations" understood mainly as major renovations of multi-family buildings located in urban and/or protected areas. To fulfil this goal, the UrbanSolPlus project put together a consortium of experienced and newcomer partners with the intention of building a "know-how pool" in order to allow the participating local partners (replication partners) to implement and/or improve experiences and models. These participating (replication) local partners are Lisbon, Berlin, Barcelona, Province of Benevento and Province of Pescara.

Main results

Installation of a number of solar thermal systems on large residential buildings in the participating communities: Operative figures are available from Barcelona, Berlin and from Lisbon for the years 2011-2013 (figures have been calculated using some assumptions):
- Berlin, total 462 m2,
- Barcelona, total 7,234 m2,
- Lisbon, total 346 m2
Capacity building for Local Authorities, Energy Agencies and local stakeholders. For each of the replication communities the following has been produced:
- 5 development strategies for promoting the use of solar thermal in urban quarters, building renovation sector and protected areas
- 5 master plans for developing the use of solar thermal in one representative urban block, quarter or area
A total of 19 practical implementation of models for developing solar thermal in demanding urban areas have been developed.Increasing awareness and knowledge about the use of solar thermal plants in special situations and urban development.