Solar thermal collectors with a ZERO electricity heat pump & energy storage for sustainable heating and cooling

Solutions developed

The overall objective of the SUNCOOL project was to demonstrate in a commercial setting the coordinating beneficiary ClimateWell?s patented SunCool solar thermal collectors, with integrated thermal heat pump and energy storage, for sustainable heating and cooling. Specific objectives were to demonstrate the energy effectiveness of the solar collectors in a pilot installation, and to show the conversion of solar energy into heating and cooling with a large as possible solar contribution and a low as possible electricity consumption. The aim was for this system to provide the building with air-conditioning, heating and possibly also hot water. The project intended to show the fully functioning solar collectors to potential customers, partners, stakeholders, target groups and others, and disseminate its finding around Europe.

Main results

The project demonstrated a range of environmental benefits due to the use of SunCool solar collectors, including its all-in-one capability (heating, cooling and energy storage); high energy savings and CO2 reductions as a result of using twice as much solar energy, due to the energy storage capability of ClimateWell?s SaltX Technology (which stores energy in salt crystals); and the ability to deliver solar heating during the night (ideal in situations where sunny days alternate with cold nights). The project confirmed that the thermal heat-pumps (CoolStore tube) consume zero external electricity. Together with a lack of moving parts and good corrosion protection, this all contributes to the system?s robustness. Much lower energy losses occur than for any other solar heating and cooling solutions.