Smart and local reneWable Energy DISTRICT heating and cooling solutions for sustainable living

Solutions developed

The overall objective of WEDISTRICT is to demonstrate DHC as an integrated solution that exploits the combination of RES, thermal storage and waste heat recycling technologies to satisfy 100% of the heating and cooling energy demand in new DHC and up to 60-100% in retrofitted DHC. For this purpose, the focus of WEDISTRICT is large-scale replication of best practice: better valorisation of local resources, like renewable and waste heat by making District Heating and Cooling networks more efficient in relation to the use of new resources. In parallel, systems will evolve to provide even more flexible solutions by the integration of innovative molten-salts based thermal storage, the interaction with other energy networks (electricity and gas) and the involvement of end-users (operators and consumers) through ICT-based control and decision making. Finally, to enable significant expansion, cost-effectiveness will be enhanced by transitioning from handicraft to more industrialised solutions that integrate LEAN methodologies to optimise processes and lower costs.

Main results

Expected results of the project:
- 100% renewable district heating and cooling systems for new and existing constructions.
- Open-source decision-making tool to perform feasibility studies in new locations.
- A portfolio of replicable solutions for a variety of climates and buildings, in different business scenarios.
- Higher public acceptance of district heating and cooling systems due to new environmental benefits.