Saving Energy in Europe’s Public Buildings Using ICT

Solutions developed

Management components of the service include effective ICT control of local renewable power and the full heat delivery chain for district / building systems. The SMARTSPACES service will enable public authorities in Europe significantly to improve their management of energy in the buildings they occupy.In operational terms, the consortium will carry out intensive work on optimising services for all user groups and maximising impact on resource use behaviour. Within the first year, requirements will be investigated with users, use cases agreed and service prototypes subject to rigorous user testing.

Main results

Test results help finalise service components in a second design iteration lasting some 8 months, cumulating in implementation of operational services at all 11 pilot sites with more than 550 buildings in 8 countries (UK, FR, DE, IT, ES, NL, TR, RS) with almost 20,000 professionals and staff users and reaching an estimated more than 6,000,000 visitors annually. Pilots at all sites will operate for at least one year; lead sites will be identified to being in operation early and provide example solutions to others.The consortium, led by public authorities includes global ICT and service providers and distribution network operators working with local consultants and specialist advisors to carry out all steps in the project service implementation process.