Pushing the limits of large-scale energy storage: optimized combined cycle caes

Solutions developed

PUSH-CCC proposes to solve the key existing limits of Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) scalability, replicability, efficiency, and energy density while boosting its cost-effective commercial development in Europe by bringing a breakthrough CAES concept to TRL4, which is based on a novel optimized integration of advanced technology and scientific advances beyond the state of the art, pushing the efficiency and profitability of the volatile-fluid-based isobaric adiabatic Combined Cycle CAES (CCC) patented by RIEGOSUR, a scientifically proven high-potential concept due to the enhancement of turbomachinery efficiency and cavern volume minimization. The construction of an experimental cavern lab in the Canary Islands will lead to the first isobaric adiabatic CAES system at TRL4 in Europe, while meeting the expected outcomes of the Challenge, filling in the existing gaps to accelerate the penetration of renewable energies in the grid.

Main results

PUSH-CCC brings together expert partners to solve the key scaling, efficiency and profitability issues by leveraging an AI-based optimized heat pump cycle to minimize the energy requirements of the volatile fluid processes in real-time considering climatological conditions (I), a cost-effective large-scale membrane for suitable operation in the hard-rock cavern (II), optimized turbomachinery for AA-CAES applications (single-stage compressor) (III), a cost-effective, efficient heat storage technology based on innovative heat exchangers and heat storage medium (IV), a disruptive AI-based hierarchical control system (V); bringing a high-efficient (>80%), cost-effective technology with high replication potential (high energy density 11.8 kWh/m3 allows hard rock areas which are a major part of the continental land-use). Autonomous plants will operate with atmospheric air and closed loop water & CO2, which will be captured (10 kTn of CO2 per year for a standard 500 MW plant) from the overloaded atmosphere with an innovative system.