Modular HEATing Technology through renewable resources for steel production

Solutions developed

The main objective is to decarbonize the steel production process, based on the introduction of hybrid heating technology, based on electrification and gas-burning properly combined. This solution provides an opportunity to explore the synergic effect of different technologies, by “hybrid heating”. Moreover, the whole efficiency of the heating process can be furtherl improved by the recovery of enthalpy content of off-gases from the furnace. The furnace partial electrification will be realized by the installation of an induction system. The electricity to feed the inductor will be provided by a renewable source (RES) and by the heat recovery system.

Main results

Nowadays the overall energy demand in downstream steel production is mainly based on fossil fuel, so it is fundamental to find and set new ways to overcome the environmental impact of steel production. Currently, the state-of-art of reheating furnaces is based on CH4 burners, with an evident environmental impact on CO2 emissions.