Hybrid services from advanced thermal energy storage sytems

Solutions developed

To reach these goals, HYSTORE leverages on a consortium of 18 entities from 8 different EU countries, highly qualified and leaders in their sectors of activity. This consortium covers the whole value chain of the thermal energy storage, technologies for its interconnection with the grid and its optimal operation by exploiting the flexibility resources.
The final goal for HYSTORE is to realise the paradigmatic shift of thermal storage from an auxiliary service to the HVAC system to a service for the building to provide the needed comfort with high efficiency while supporting the grid for effective electric-thermal sector coupling.

Main results

The mission of HYSTORE is to develop and validate an innovative set of TES concepts, based on the combination of cutting-edge technology components: ALL-IN-ONE PCM solution, LOW-TEMP PCM HEATING&COOLING solution, PCM HEATING solution and TCM HEATING&COOLING solution. The four novel concepts attain different applications on heating/cooling (H/C), DHW configurations, and further set up optimal conditions for the provision of hybrid – meaning energy and power- services thanks to the development of a smart aggregator and an open-source multi-service platform.