Heat Pumps Skills for NZEB Construction

Solutions developed

HP4ALL (Heat Pumps for ALL) will develop the HP4All package, a set of different tools and resources to be used by the different related stakeholders with the aim to enhance the skills required for optimised Heat Pump (HP) installations. The package includes an HP Competency Framework to facilitate common HP Skills and, from an end-user perspective, an HP Knowledge Hub will be created to provide guidance and support. HP4All will validate this package through three pilot regions in Austria, Ireland, and Spain, with the aim of driving market change, influencing end-user decisions and planning for new innovations. Moreover, the impact of the project will be maximised through the role of three observer countries (Croatia, Portugal and Romania) as they will follow closely the development and validation of the HP4All package, being early adopters even before the project ends.

Main results

HP4ALL has already submitted reports on: -Best practice initiatives to increase heat pump skills -Findings from heat pump experts surveys focus groups -Public and Market Acceptance.