Feasibility study for low-carbon emission Heat Pump

Solutions developed

Heat pumps for domestic heating and hot water supply are currently a niche technology in many EU countries, but they are increasingly expected to form an important role in a low carbon future. This is largely because a future of rapidly decarbonized electricity supply is imagined, in which using electricity via heat pumps is one of the lowest carbon emission heating options
To address the problem ECOinstal, a company with 16 years of consolidated know-how on the Romanian market and provider of solutions for the Swiss, German, Austrian and Hungarian market takes a different approach in comparison with the existing solutions and developed the new type of the Heat Pump - ECOPUMP.

Main results

ECOPUMP is a first solution on the market which operates on the Propane R290 refrigerant and which provides up to 5.4 CoP (Coefficient of Performance). Moreover, the heat pump is a ready to use solution, which can be installed in up two working days and do not require any intervention at home level or some specific changes in spatial planning of the court.