Energy Local Storage Advanced system

Solutions developed

ELSA aims to implement and demonstrate an innovative concept of storage systems and related ICT-based energy management systems for the control of local loads, generation, and district and distributions grids

Main results

The main objectives of the EU-Project ELSA are:
• To enable an increasing local production of renewable energy and to accelerate the Smart Grid transition.
• To develop a stationary storage system based on second life EV batteries without previous dismantling of the individual battery packs
• To design a low cost industrialised power converter specially designed to work with 2nd life batteries
• To develop an innovative local ICT-based Energy Management System to interface the storage with the building EMS or with the distribution grid
• To include in the development works, communications and services in order to fully exploit the ELSA concept for local energy optimised management of hybrid virtual multi-source storage system and to integrate existing Web/IP based communication standards for Automated Demand Response (ADR)
• To demonstrate the economic viability and effectiveness of innovative storage services and related business models.