Efficiency and Safety in Geothermal Operations

Solutions developed

The EU-funded EASYGO project is developing system components, monitoring concepts and operational paradigms to enhance the safety and efficiency of geothermal systems. By connecting academia and industry with real-scale research infrastructure, the project is preparing young researchers with both experimental and practical knowledge to lead us into a brighter future more reliant on cleaner energy from the earth.

Main results

To achieve the main objective, we will work on the whole chain of geothermal operations, from production to power-plant engineering to injection. We will develop novel monitoring concepts, perform real-time simulations, develop system components, assess novel concepts for operations and test operational parameters at the field scale. Our ESRs will work on a specifically identified project but will learn aspects of the entire geothermal operation chain in an outstanding training programme. The mobility plan of EASYGO envisages each ESR will have at least one academic secondment and one industrial secondment. The outstanding training programme is complementary to the excellent research plan. ESRs will meet every six months for an intersectoral training week on related topics and soft skills.