RHC National Roundtable: Slovenia

28 June 2021 - 28 June 2021

  The Slovenian Energy Association (SZE) and DHC+ / Euroheat & Power acting on behalf of the RHC-ETIP invite you to the national roundtable discussion "Energy Supply and Use in Smart Buildings and Homes" taking place online as part of the International Conference of SZE 2021 on 28 June, online and in Portoroz, Slovenia.

By bringing together policy makers, industrial actors and key stakeholders from region, this session provides the chance to discuss how to encourage innovation and facilitate market uptake of district energy renewable heating and cooling technologies. The workshop will cover recent developments of Slovenia's national climate ambitions, concrete success stories from industry and how EU legislation is influencing heating and cooling in Slovenia.

11:00-12:45 CET Monday 28th June 2021


- Mateja Panjan and Andrej Kitanovski  


– Paul Voss, director of Euroheat & Power

– Ralf Roman Schmidt, AIT (Austrian Institute of Technology) and RHC platform

– Milan Jungič, Danfoss

– Robert Šipec, Ministry of Defence, Slovenia

– Gorazd Štumberger, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of Maribor

– Friderik Knez, Slovenian national building and civil engineering institute


Register here: https://cvent.me/bOWZ1E