Matchmaking Heat Pumps and Stakeholders: Research, Innovation and Projects

28 July 2021
On the road to becoming the world’s first climate-neutral continent by 2050, heat-pump technologies are the number one heating and cooling solution, being a core enabler for a renewable, sustainable and smart energy system.

The online workshop has two purposes, that are reflected in its structure. The first, is to walk the audience through the lifecycle of heat pumps, while providing comprehensive and easy-to-understand answers to current and future factors that influence: the demand (from the end user perspective), design, manufacturing, installation, maintenance, as well as, the replacement and future upgrading.

The second purpose, is to matchmake research, innovation and relevant stakeholders with upcoming EU funded project calls (e.g. Horizon Europe, LIFE Programme) using a bespoke matchmaking tool called REMO. This tool, will allow for a networking experience and in establishing new consortiums and collaborations between companies, services, research and product design/testing.

For more information, agenda and registration, visit the website.