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Structure of the RHC-ETIP

The scope and operational structure of the RHC-ETIP are such as to ensure a balanced and active participation of the major stakeholders at the appropriate levels, including all concerned industries, scientific research organisations, public authorities, users and civil society.


Structure of the RHC-ETIP<map name="struccture_top">

<area alt="Seccreteriat" coords="1,0,136,130" href="index.php?id=22">

<area alt="RHC-ETP Board" coords="164,0,375,130" href="index.php?id=26">

<area alt="Support Group" coords="399,0,536,130" href="index.php?id=5">












Chair & Vice-President RHC-ETIP:
Javier UrchueguĂ­a, GEOPLAT










Chair & Vice-President RHC-ETIP:
Dave Pearson, Star Refrigeration










Horizontal Working Groups