RHC’s Industrial Strategy Roadmap Unveiled

The European Technology and Innovation Platform on Renewable Heating and Cooling (ETIP-RHC) is making a significant leap forward with the future launch of its eagerly anticipated RHC industrial strategy roadmap. This strategic blueprint, forged in response to the European Commission's recent Net Zero Industry Act proposal and the Critical Raw Materials Act proposal, aims to supercharge the renewable energy manufacturing sector across Europe. To establish a unified European industrial policy, the European Commission has also put forth a proposal for the creation of a Strategic Technologies for Europe Platform (STEP) to facilitate common European funding initiatives.

The ETIP roadmap will lay out a comprehensive framework for enhancing funding for production facilities made in Europe, streamlining permitting regulations, ensuring a skilled workforce and fortifying energy infrastructure for renewable heating and cooling.

What sets this strategy apart is its inclusive approach. It aims to actively engage EU institutions, stakeholders, NGOs, and citizens through a comprehensive public consultation process (coming soon). This ensures that the ETIP strategy harmonizes seamlessly with the region's sustainable and net-zero energy aspirations.

Leading this pivotal initiative is EGEC, with invaluable support from collaborative partners. Together, they underscore the pivotal role of renewable heating and cooling technologies in Europe's evolving industrial landscape. This is a milestone that promises to reshape the future of sustainable energy within our continent.