Solutions developed

With heating and cooling responsible for 50% of the final energy demand in Europe, district heating and cooling can be key to achieving the ambitious EU and national energy and climate targets. This is where the THERMOS tool comes in, by making district heating and cooling planning easier, faster and much cheaper according to user specific requirements such as budget, climate and energy targets. The tool provides advanced energy system data and map models in a user-friendly open-source software to identify optimal network solutions in almost any part of the world.;

Main results

So far more than 1400 users from New Zealand to South America have already started to develop 3000+ maps and projects with THERMOS for professional use, with numbers increasing steadily. Due to the high interests and significant potential of the tool to improve and optimize energy planning processes across the world, partners stroke a partnership agreement allowing them to continue providing services, user support and software updates beyond project funding with a Software as Service scheme. By this, the THERMOS software is not only available in its original and free form, but is maintained and updated to meet real-world energy planning needs. Additionally, a paying form with premium features will be available soon.