The Recycling of waste heat through the Application of Nanofluidic ChannelS: Advances in the Conversion of Thermal to Electrical energy

Solutions developed

The EU-funded TRANSLATE project will develop a proof-of-concept nanofluidic platform technology based on the flux of ions in nanochannels. The work targets innovation in versatile and sustainable energy harvesting and storage.

Main results

Three breakthrough science and technology targets have been identified: 1) optimisation of ion movement and ion separation in nanochannels made from Earth-abundant materials, 2) the development of a sustainable and efficient heat-to-electrical energy platform and 3) the creation of a novel continuous operation energy harvesting power source with a high power/energy density and conversion efficiency.

Expertise in materials science, nanofluidics, nanofabrication, thermoelectricity and electrochemistry is integrated on a pan-European level to achieve the overall aim of the project. The knowledge developed in TRANSLATE has the potential to reduce energy consumption and associated greenhouse gas emissions on a local and global scale, thus improving citizens' quality of life and benefiting society.