TEMPerature Optimisation for Low Temperature District Heating across Europe

Solutions developed

Each solution package will be coupled to an innovative business model, which can leverage cost savings due to improved energy efficiency to offset the investment costs. Stakeholder engagement and consumer empowerment will be high priority.

Main results

In TEMPO, six innovations related to networks, digitisation thereof and building optimisation undergo final development (TRL7-8). The innovations are combined into 3 solution packages suitable for 3 different application areas: new LT DH networks in urban areas, new LT DH networks in rural areas, and existing (HT) networks. The benefits of these solution packages to reduce network temperatures will be demonstrated in 3 selected representative demos. The Vattenfall demo is a new urban LT network whereby solution package 1 will be demonstrated to reduce temperatures and therefore to enable integration of a geothermal energy source and cooling. The Enerpipe demo is a new rural LT network whereby solution package 2 will be demonstrated to reduce temperatures and so can open up the possibility to integrate a renewable energy source at a later stage. The existing network of A2A currently operates at a very high supply temperature. By integrating solution package 3, with particular emphasis on end consumer engagement, reduction in network temperatures will be similarly demonstrated. A comparable monitoring approach will ensure optimal network performance (reliability and durability) assessment and to foster maximal replication options in other areas.