Sustainable Heat and Energy Research for Heat Pump Applications

Solutions developed

The new environmental regulations, concerning greenhouse gases and the protection of the ozone layer, will lead to the phase out of conventional refrigerants. For example, in the EC the 'Freon' R22 phase out is scheduled in 2010.

Main results

Therefore 'natural fluids' have to be adopted (hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide or ammonia), but this implies a change in the components technology and control system. Heat pumps are components that allow energy savings for heating and cooling buildings and for many industrial applications, and concern a very large spectrum of applications much wider than the existing heat pump market. During the first half of the project, components and subsystems (heat exchangers, controllers, ground coupling system, heat recovery...) will be developed, tested and optimized. Afterward, during the second half of the project, prototypes will be developed and tested in laboratories prior to field tests. In parallel with these research activities, a training programme will be set-up.