Sustainable Collective Citizen Action for a Local Europe 20-30-50

Solutions developed

The aim of SCCALE 203050 (Sustainable Collective Citizen Action for a Local Europe) is to scale the growth of energy communities across Europe in the areas of energy efficiency, renewable energy production, district heating and more in households and non-residential buildings.

Main results

Building on the experience of the cooperative movement and a wide range of cities and municipalities, we will:
- Set up at least 25 energy communities, and directly support the replication of the SCCALE methodology in 34 additional communities
- Develop a step-by-step guide for potential community leaders to support the creation, maturation and replication of energy communities.
- Develop currently specific key performance indicators for community leaders and municipalities to assess the maturity and growth of the energy communities in their territories, and for external partners to assess a community's maturity and financial viability.
- Gather proven technical tools and financing models suitable for citizen collective action.
- Identify viable contractual models for energy communities and the involved stakeholders.
- Encourage the proliferation of energy communities across Europe via a network of experts (including municipalities, SMEs, NGOs and academic institutions) to support new and existing energy communities.
- Support policy makers at the European, national and local level in identifying suitable policies to foster the growth of energy
communities in Europe through recommendations and discussions with policy makers.