SEasonal PErformance factor and MOnitoring for heat pump systems in the building sector

Solutions developed

The project focused on the deployment of all types of heat pumps (air, water and ground) in residential buildings. One key requirement to achieve awareness about real life performance is a universal methodology for field measurement of heat pump systems SPF. Such methodology requires a systems perspective including not only the efficiency of the heat pump unit/system but also the respective regional building standards and climate conditions.

Main results

- Improvement and extension of existing guidelines, to include all types of heat pumps, for installation of energy efficient and reliable heat pump systems taking into account regional constraints as well as the building standards.
- Existing methods for field measurement and calculation of heat pump systems SPF were evaluated. Recommendations for new field measurement methods.
- Development of a common methodology for field measurement of heat pump systems and calculation and monitoring of SPF.
- Collection and evaluation of already running field measurements on heat pump systems. It was found that no standard methodology was used in earlier made field monitoring, but fragments were similar, so it was easier to get acceptance for setting up of system boundaries. A Swedish field standard was used as inspiration for the development of the methodology.
- New field measurements on heat pump systems using a common methodology were performed. In total, 52 buildings were investigated for field monitoring and equipped with field monitoring equipment.