Renewables for clean energy buildings in a future power system

Solutions developed

Magnetocaloric Heat Pump (MCHP) – Using the change in temperature when magnetising and demagnetising magnetic material to build a heat pump. Multi-source heat pump - Coupling the MCHP to the evaporator of a vapour-compression heat pump, the latter of which employs a two-stage configuration with in-series DC-driven compressors. PV/T collectors - Combining the features of standard PV panels and solar thermal collectors to produce both heat and electricity with a higher energy yield per m2 than separate collectors. Borehole Thermal Energy Storage – Extracting heat from an array of boreholes during winter using a heat exchanger. The chilled circuit water is returned to the borehole, with the flow reversed in summer months. Building Energy Management System - Monitoring the mechanical and electrical equipment in buildings, including the main loads, energy generation and storage systems, and using controlling software to optimise the system’s operation to meet user-defined objectives.

Main results

Expected Impact - Solutions that reduce our dependence on fossil fuels for electricity, heating and cooling in buildings. - Innovative components and technologies for increased performance in building systems. - Best practice to approach renovations of energy systems in a more integrated and systematic way. - Shared knowledge and innovative synergies with industry and other sectors. - More efficient operation and optimised interaction with the grid, and thus a lower energy bill for European consumers. - Social inclusion and an accelerated energy transition due to the co-design approach with various stakeholders.