Renewable Energy System for residential building heating and electricity production

Solutions developed

The EU-funded RESHeat project will develop a system for the use of solar energy as the primary renewable energy source. Novelties of the system include integrated sun-tracked and cooled PV panels and solar collectors as well as advanced underground energy storage units. The latter aim to enable a high coefficient of performance COP of the heat pump over a longer period of time, thereby efficient underground energy storage, reducing the overall electrical energy consumption by the heat pump compressor, and heat storage from various sources.

Main results

The RESHeat system enables:

• The use of solar energy as a primary renewable energy source,
• Production of heat and electricity by using PV-T (Photovoltaic - Thermal) panels,
• Highly efficient ground regeneration due to the heat transfer from the storage unit to the ground and from boreholes through the ground, therefore the COP of the heat pump is not decreasing in consecutive years.
• Available heat storage from various sources (PV-T, wastewater, air conditioning and industrial processes)
• Coupling PV-T and ETSC (Evaculated Tube Solar Collectors) with sun-tracking systems to achieve electrical energy conversion up to 20 % and maximize renewable energy yield.
• Seasonal underground heat storage in the system,
• Wastewater heat storage, as well as waste heat recovered from the air-conditioning and industrial processes,
• Delivery of the heating and cooling to the building through the heat pump,
• Delivery of the electrical Energy to the building
The novelties of the system are:
• High COP of the heat pump with yearly average over 5.5. Such a high COP enables effective underground energy storage, thus less electrical energy is consumed by the heat pump compressor