Mobilising local energy investment for a BiO and WastE district heating Network in Hengelo (NL)

Solutions developed

The catchment area includes new housing and large scale restructuring sites. The first stage of the project covers about 1 204 dwellings and 380 000 square meter of utility constructions (offices, factories and the like) in Hengelo. In the second tranche the cities of Borne, Almelo, Zwolle and Deventer will be connected or assisted to realise a DH network. Because of the relative low return on investment commercial parties are not willing to invest. Therefore Hengelo has decided to develop the project itself and to invest in the DH network.

Main results

In BOWEN, technical engineering will be developed for the heat stations and the network, and a municipal project company will be set up to implement the investments and exploit them in a financially sustainable framework. BOWEN will trigger investments representing half of the first tranche and build the conditions for improvement.