Low Temperature, Urban Waste Heat into District Heating and Cooling Networks as a Clean Source of Thermal Energy

Solutions developed

The LIFE4HeatRecovery networks will aim to:
o Demonstrate opportunities for and effectiveness of waste heat recovery from multiple urban sources, with modular pre-fabricated skids;
o Demonstrate management strategies for district heating networks that can prioritise the harvesting of waste energy sources over fossil fuels use and negotiate with the electricity grid the best prices from a utility and customer perspective for the electricity used by the heat pumps;
o Demonstrate trading schemes (business models) that would allow utility companies to manage thermal energy fed by or purchased from different customers; and
o Develop financial schemes that enable large public and private investments to be mobilised.

Main results

Expected results:
o Technical and financial solutions trialled in four networks in three Member States - Italy, Germany and the Netherlands - in order to assess their environmental and socio-economic performance;
o Design and demonstration of four different modular and standardised prefabricated skids, integrating waste heat sources in district heating networks;
o Establishment of a database of district heating network solutions and waste heat sources that includes energy, environmental and economic performance data, and is publicly available;
o A study of trading schemes in order to facilitate thermal energy exchange on a district heating and cooling network’s free market; and
o A financing and risk management plan for utility companies and investors based on synergies in the use of public and private finance.
All results will be available at http://www.life4heatrecovery.eu/en/Results