High-capacity and high-performance Thermal energy storage Capsule for low-carbon and energy efficient heating and cooling systems

Solutions developed

PCM are recognized among the key materials to save these huge energy and – at the same time – CO2 amounts. They can run through a reproducible phase-change at a substance-specific temperature, during which the thermal energy is either stored in very large amounts or returned at a constant temperature. Since decades, an adequate method is being sought to transfer PCM into a user-friendly form. Both existing micro- and macro-encapsulation solutions for PCM storage have until now revealed not industrially and economically viable enough for a broad application. The most common solution in use in Europe is sensible heat storage (e.g. water storage tank) that has a low energy density and thermal storage capacity.

Main results

ESDA offers an affordable, easy-of-use, high-capacity and high-performance solution in the form of a PCM-filled capsule able to function in combination with all heat exchangers, including renewable energy technologies. The markets addressed are the high-volume heating and cooling market for residential and service sector buildings in Europe, but also the very promising industrial heating and cooling market. ESDA first calculations foresee a large impact in the application with solar thermal collectors and heat pumps, with a cumulated turnover of €2,256M and additional 75 job creations at strategic European locations within the first 6 years after project completion.