Solutions developed

Six different technologies are used in the Heat4Cool project:
- Adsorption heat pumps
- Solar PV assisted heat pumps
- Solar thermal collectors
- Latent heat storage
- Thermal energy recovery from sewage water
These technologies are installed in 4 different demo sites in Europe, 3 of those are residential buildings and one is an application combined to 3 tertiary buildings connected with district heating.

Main results

High possibility of replication across Europe, aiming to contribute to a large-scale market deployment before 2025, with the support of dedicated tool kits, which would be easy to install and would require a limited workforce. The creation of cost-effective, highly energy-efficient equipment with target reduction of energy consumption of 30 % (including renewable) EXPECTED PAYBACK PERIOD OF 10 YEARS. Best practice examples for the construction sector based on innovation and competitiveness, with benefits both for the citizens and the environment