GEO PAC RET an Innovative Heat Pump for Geothermal district heating in Europe

Solutions developed

Since Fall 2012, Enertime is developing PAC’RET, a new concept of industrial high temperature heat pump (above 80°C) with a high performance proprietary compressor. A conceptual study has been started in 2013, involving university of Liege for support in cycle definition and EPFL in Lausanne for the compressor aero dynamical design.

Main results

Enertime wants to perform a feasibility study /market study for its innovative flexible heat pump PAC’RET using geothermal energy as primary heat sources in Europe. This study will be conducted with the support of GZB, the International Geothermal Centre based in Bochum, Germany as subcontractor. Ahead is the opportunity to transform centralized carbon intensive district heating networks into low carbon distributed District Heating powered by geothermal energy, possibly using also the Heat pump to absorb excess electricity production using the thermal inertia of the District Heating network.